Police Officers : How to Join the Police Department

 Police Officers : How to Join the Police Department

0 Police Officers : How to Join the Police DepartmentIn order to join a police department, you must be 21 years old, a citizen of the United States and have a high school diploma or equivalency. Discover how to train through a peace officer standards and training academy with help from a police officer in this free video on law enforcement and becoming a police officer.

Expert: Beau Babka

Bio: Beau Babka is a police officer at the Cottonwood Heights Police Department.
Filmmaker: Michael Burton

Duration : 0:1:11

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15 Responses to Police Officers : How to Join the Police Department

  1. crabcakejake

    I’m graduating …
    I’m graduating college with my ba in law and justice in the winter. I was wondering how would I find a schedule for chiefs test with local departments in my area? (I’m located in newjersey)

  2. l1998

    The hardest part is …
    The hardest part is the Oral Board right ?

  3. TribunalPower

    @duece626 A …
    @duece626 A deathwish.

  4. SoccerBalbus

    @smokeywcc is the …
    @smokeywcc is the written test hard? what do they ask you in the polygraph?

  5. SoccerBalbus

    is the written test …
    is the written test hard? what do they ask you in the polygraph?

  6. gaeta34

    @theOminousMendoza …
    @theOminousMendoza WTF? how that happen? People dont just get arrested for stuff like that.

  7. gaeta34

    @duece626 Look it …
    @duece626 Look it up on their website. Joinlapd.com

  8. smokeywcc

    you don’t NEED or …
    you don’t NEED or have to have a college education. sure it would favor u in some states! but every state has different laws some require college but most require just a ged or high school diploma to be a patrol officers but to move through the ranks and make more money id advise taking some college! you could even take some college after you join!

  9. armyqpzm

    @RedFang4 you need …
    @RedFang4 you need some college i think

  10. lydiaemmasarashelby

    @duece626 college.. …
    @duece626 college… police academy… apply :D

  11. RedFang4

    No collage?
    No collage?

  12. duece626

    what all do i have …
    what all do i have to do to join the LAPD

  13. Insertings

    @theOminousMendoza …
    @theOminousMendoza You should be fine to join the LAPD.

    You should also check their website on recruitment. You might get more information you want from there!

  14. aznsamurai171

    so if i want to …
    so if i want to join the police department , what do i do first?

  15. theOminousMendoza

    hi sir I”m from …
    hi sir I”m from California, and I’m thinking about joining LAPD, I had an arrest record of 187, but I was not convicted so I don’t have a felony or a conviction record. Is that still ok for me to join the LAPD? My lawyer said it’s ok coz I have no convictions. but I just wanna hear it from you.

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